ConfiDance is our 6 -12-week structured dance programme offered to secondary schools and alternative education schools settings such as pupil referral units, hospital schools and special education needs and disability schools. Each schools' student needs will be different and therefore we would come and speak with you initially about the dancers to ensure the content of the sessions is bespoke to them. 


We work with between 6 - 15 dancers aged 13 - 19 in a session lasting 1.5 - 2 hours per week (if this is possible in your setting). 


One hour of the session will be made up of dance content, to get students engaged and moving at a fast pace. We aim to get the adrenalin flowing and to increase the levels of serotonin for a happier outlook. The second 30 minutes to an hour will allow the team to work with the students on goals or aspirations and we also build in the Bronze Arts Award so that at the end of the project the students receive certification for taking part in the activity. This will support building self-worth, confidence, career aspirations. 


In summer 2019 we worked with St John Payne Students. Delivered by Vicki Stravrinos from BamBam Boogies we have been taking them through authentic Street Dance sessions whilst Gemma our director was setting them to task on their Arts Awards. The programme has been delivered over a 7 week period and has included a sharing and the students teaching at our Summer Festival 2019. 


Please see our findings here: report written by Elsa Urmston