Our AWARD WINNING programme ‘Interactive Family Dance’ (Essex Prize Challenge winners April 2017) has proven a reduction in social isolation with parents and carers with children between the ages of 0 -5 years of age and an increase in general health and well-being. We are delighed to be continuing this legacy with our Active Families classes in Barking.  

Our classes welcome you to explore movement and dance as a family with your child/children under the age of 5 years. You will take part in sessions delivered by our team of artists that are designed to encourage creativity and independent thinking, nurture individual expression in the participant’s own movement, as well develop a memory for movement. All activity will creatively build the children’s strength, balance, coordination and encourage healthy physical development and bonding for both child and parent. 

Each week after the sessions we will also allow time to socialise and interact with families providing refreshments, healthy snacks and a place to talk. We are also inviting local providers from health & community settings to attend social times, for families to find out how to access services and engage in their local community.


Previous experience in dance is not required, eagerness to enjoy moving yourself and playing with your child and supporting their inquisitive minds, is a must. Older siblings are also very welcome to attend.