DIGI Dance

Digidance is Robert Gentle’s Dance and Technology

programme which began in 2014/15 as a development

partnership with Royal Opera House Bridge. It is a  

programme for primary schools, that brings together

STEM subjects, computing and digital dance in

learning activities.


Digidance targets children and young people to use dance

and technology to explore computing, mathematics,

physics, and engineering, producing and exciting artistic



By increasing the access and engagement in wider cultural provisions teachers recognise benefits both to the school and the pupils.  For the schools it is the heightening of the profile of performing arts and the potential for this to be recognised with Arts Mark. 


For the individual pupils it is:  the enjoyment of performing, development of creativity, self confidence, self esteem, the freedom to let children develop their own ideas and having a purposeful ending, inclusive of all abilities, sense of achievement, opportunity to do new things that learner wouldn’t otherwise do and finally providing an opportunity for pupils with a talent in dance to go further and showing young people how their ICT skills can lead to a creative career.


Digidance is generally run in the following ways: but Rob and I are happy to have a conversation before committing to see what your school might like to explore and theme the classes around this – such as the study of magnets, or solar system etc.


Week 1: Rob will run a play station day where he will work with the children and teachers to see where their interests lie with different technologies and it’s a space for children to just play and see what possibilities there are.

Week 2 – 5: A piece of dance performance will be made with the children very much leading the dance and technology conversation.

Week 6: The piece will be ready to share and a small performance of the whole 6 weeks of work will be recorded.


COST: £2000.00 for 3 x hours for 6 Weeks 

You are able to split the hours however you wish you can either use the full three hours with one class or split the hours into three and have a year in each hour. Rob can only take a maximum of 33 dancers per session plus we suggest two teachers who are willing to learn. He will need one hour before the session and one hour at the end for set up and clear down of teachnology. Rob will bring all his own equipment but will discuss with you also what technology you may have access to in the school so the dancers can engage with more equipment, but this is not necessary if you do not have any. 

Digidance is a programme managed by the Dance Network Association so if you are interested in the programme, please contact Gemma Wright via gemma@dancenetworkassociation.org.uk or call 07490 374 717.

To see a version of the performance output of Digidance in 2016 with our Braintree school Lyons Hall Primary School, please see our SpringBlast vimeo link at 4 minutes 11 Seconds.