Mass Dance

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Over the past 6 years dna has been hosting our annual mass dance programme built on the legacy of the 2021 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Designed to fulfil the dance element of the P.E. curriculum for primary and secondary schools, while fully accessible and enjoyable for dance and community groups of all ages and abilities, our mass dance programme aims for 1 day, 1 dance, 1000 dancers.


With funding support from Arts Council England, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD), Essex County Council and Active Essex to 'Keep Dance Alive', since 2015, we have danced with 15,000 young people, supported 280 teaching staff in over 200 schools and community groups, worked with 100 volunteers and performed to audiences of nearly 30,000 at more than 15 events!


dna’s mass dance programme has a proven history of building confidence, increasing health & fitness, instilling a sense of fun whilst developing dance and movement skills.

This project offers all ages and abilities a creative dance experience not usually available in school or community settings.


Working with local dance artists to devise and create the choreography and dance captains from local colleges and universities, to support younger children, and Essex Music Education Hub and University Centre Colchester Essex based composers creating bespoke music compositions, we have created a holistic programme from grassroots training, volunteering and employment opportunities.


With projects taking inspiration from great sporting, creative and cultural events and performing at local sporting events and locations across Essex and LBBD including Essex Cricket Ground, Colchester Football Stadium, Jim Peters Stadium, our dancers have entertained crowds at international cricket games, national football games and school games.

Previous projects have included:

2019-2021 - Let’s Go, Tokyo! (Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games)

2018-2019 – World Cup Fever(Football World Cup)

2017-2018 - The Great War Centenary (World War 1)

2016-2017 - Bard to Bollywood (Year of Culture)

2015-2016 – Dance Rio (Rio Olympics)


Join us and celebrate with our dancers this year in their virtual performance on Let's Go, TOKYO! on Thursday 22 July 2021. 

Book your free tickets to watch this year's groups

18:00 - Barking and Dagenham Groups Performance Click Here 

18:30 - Essex Groups Performance Click Here

In 2022 we will be celebrating the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham and Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 creating unique dance choreography inspired by these two huge cultural events.

Each year the package of support includes:


  • Digital resources including:

Choreography & Resource Book – Contains step-by-step guide to teaching and delivering the dance, curriculum enrichment activities, word banks, references and context to the event.


  • Bespoke music on an MP4


  • Online tutorial videos, breaking down the dance, section by section.


  • Teacher Training and Refresher Events


  • Opportunity for bespoke workshop support


  • Unique opportunities to perform at events across Essex.

Costs for 2022 (TBC due to funding)

£450 Full Package

£350 Learn Share MOVE! Package (workshop package)

£250 Training Package (basic plus full training day)

£150 Basic Package (resources only)

Additional Costs £12.50 T-shirt per student/ teacher / volunteer

Travel & transport to performances

Spectator costs

Interested in joining us in 2022?

For those interested in our 2022 programme, to secure your place, we would be happy to take a deposit before the summer holidays.

Autumn 2021 – Creation of dance


Feb 2022 – EMPOWER  Teacher training Days (1 Essex, 1 LBBD)


May 2022 – ENGAGE LBBD Mass Rehearsal


June 2022 – EXCITE LBBD Mass Performance (usually at Quad Kids schoolsports event) and release of digital film


July 2022 – EXCITE Essex Mass Performance and release of digital film


Mass Dance 1
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Mass Dance 2
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Mass Dance 3
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