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HAF Provision - Barking & Dagenham

In April 2023, we launched our first DNA Holiday Programme which was funded by LBBD Holiday Activities and Food Programme.

This programme saw 19 young people, aged 8 - 12 years, come together for 4 days of dance, nutrition and well-being workshops. The majority of these young people accessed the programme for free as they qualify for Free School Meals and were potentially people who wouldn't usually access high quality dance provision. As part of this programme, we teamed up with Stephen Gooder from the Barking & Dagenham Trading Partnership (BDTP) to provide each young person with a hot, healthy lunch, drinks and a snack.

During each day, the young people participated in 90 minutes of dance, 60 minutes of craft creation, 30 minutes of well-being check-in time and 45 mins with a Nutrition or Well-being specialist.

Also, two performance pieces were made which will act as front commissions for our Mass Dance 'Dancing Decades' 2023 programme. The first is a Breakdance piece that was choreographed by Sunanda Biswas and the second is an Afro dance piece that was choreographed by Bafana Matea.

The interactive well-being sessions were lead by Dr Lucie Clements and the interactive nutrition sessions (for the young people and their parents) were delivered by Jasmine Challis and Kathryn Peters.

Overall, we have had some incredible feedback from this programme, from the artists, young people and their parents.

We hope to bring the dna Holiday Programme back during Easter 2024.

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