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Mass Dance

Over the past 9 years DNA has been hosting our annual mass dance programme built on the legacy of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

DNA's mass dance programme has a proven history of building confidence, increasing health & fitness, instilling a sense of fun whilst developing dance and movement skills.
This project offers all ages and abilities a creative dance experience not usually available in school or community settings.

Working with local dance artists and dance specialists to devise and create the choreography and dance captains from local schools, to support younger children, and Essex based composers creating bespoke music compositions, we have created a holistic programme from grassroots training, volunteering and employment opportunities.

With projects taking inspiration from great sporting, creative and cultural events, our dancers in the past have entertained crowds at international cricket games, national football games and school games.

DANCE MATTERS 2024 in Barking and Dagenham
​In 2023 - 2024 we are looking some of the reasons for why dance is important and matters to us. We'll be exploring themes such as joy, self expression, community and celebration.

This year we have commissioned Sarah Lewis and Laura Anderson, from Glass House Dance, to choreograph the Primary & Secondary choreography. Glass House Dance are known for creating uplifting, joyful dances to great music, where they encourage others to find freedom and expression in moving.
To find out more about Glass House Dance, head over to their website.

Community Dance Artists, Sam Blayney and Rachel Newby join us again for another Mass Dance programme. As always, Sam and Rachel will lead our teacher training day, mass rehearsal and mass performance days. In addition to this, they will both work together to create the choreography for this years Early Years settings. Finally, Sam and Rachel will also be leading our bespoke workshops for Early Years settings, to ensure that they receive the support they need in order for young children aged 2-4 years to access the programme.

New to the Dance Matters 2024 programme, will be a front commission specifically to be performed by secondary aged students. This commission will explore the same themes found in the original choreography but will be created by a different artist.

Important dates for Dance Matters mass dance programme

Sign up deadline - Friday 01 March 2024
Teacher training day - Friday 15 March 2024
Front commission rehearsal - Thursday 25 April
Mass rehearsal day - Friday 17 May 2024
Mass dance LIVE performance - Thursday 06 June 2024
Online video sharing - Wednesday 10 July 2024

Previous projects have included:
2022 - 2023 - Dancing Decades
2021-2022 - Jubilee Baton Relay
2019-2021 - Let’s Go, Tokyo! (Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games)
2018-2019 - World Cup Fever(Football World Cup)
2017-2018 - The Great War Centenary (World War 1)
2016-2017 - Bard to Bollywood (Year of Culture)
2015-2016 – Dance Rio (Rio Olympics)

Why not head over to our Video Library and check out our past performances from Barking, Dagenham and Essex!

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