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Active Start

Following a significant research and development period in 2016, our exciting AWARD-WINNING family dance programme proved that creative dance could help to reduce social isolation amongst children aged 0-5 years and contribute to building physical and social confidence in children, preparing them for their first years at primary school.

"Creative dance has the ability to bring people together to feel emotionally, physically and mentally connected.  In engaging with dance, participants’ confidence in moving and interacting can grow, one’s sense of connectedness may feel more rooted and so overall health and well-being can flourish too". 
​Since becoming winners of the Essex Prize Challenge in April 2017, dna has been funded annually by London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to deliver Active Start.

This programme offers teachers professional development, skills and a resource toolkit offering structured workshop plans and pick & mix style activity ideas to enable continued used in their schools. ​

We can now offer to provide a blended selection of virtual teaching, online resources and can now also offer in-person workshops to your school and education setting, as well as a PDF resource toolkit pack.

Programme details: 
The programme is led by a qualified dance teacher specialising in early years and is aimed at children in reception, year 1 and/or SEND settings.
Weekly 45 minute classes of practical movement over 8 weeks duration 
Choice of in-person or virtual teaching with dna dance artist, and/or digital online tutorials for use independently by school teaching staff.
Continued personal development plan created during 30 minutes pre-meet and debrief between the class teacher and dance artist, boosting confidence to deliver the programme independently.
Sessions open for parents/carers to participate alongside their child each session where possible.

To introduce dance and movement skills to young children
To develop self-esteem and confidence in the child (extending to parents/carers when present)
To explore teamwork and co-operation
To support healthy living through dance
To increase knowledge, skills and independence
To have fun!
To offer a dance curriculum in schools for EYFS, Year 1 and SEND settings 

To use a variety of rhymes, props and language to enable children (and parents/carers) to interact with one another through music and movement
To become playfully involved and engaged in regular classes
To engage socially and enjoy relating to other children and adults.
To begin to communicate and express their own needs and ideas verbally and/or physically
To enjoy rhymes, moving to music, making sounds, music, games and story-making by responding visibly
To listen, concentrate and respond to instructions
To increase confidence in their physical abilities and have fun trying new skills
To respond imaginatively by imitating, pretending (PLAY?) and exploring new materials
To increase confidence of teachers in delivering creative dance programme for early years.

Option 1: 8 weeks in school or on video link with a practitioner £1600.00
Option 2: Digital programme with access to 8 pre-recorded digital classes £400.00

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