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After School Provision

Dance Network Association has a strong passion for supporting the growth of youth dance provision in both education and community settings in Essex.

We provide opportunities for young people to immerse themselves in dance via our after-school clubs, working with a range of dance practitioners across Essex, specialising in popular styles of dance.

Since 2015, our strategy has been to establish after-school clubs across Essex ensuring dance is accessible to all and support young people who wish to develop their dance career further.​ We have set up many clubs, many of which are now self-sustaining clubs at the following schools: Honywood, Alec Hunter, New Rickstones Academy, Colchester Academy, Stanway, Joyce Franklin Academy, Mark Hall Academy, The Gilberd School, Plume, Sandon, Clacton Coastal Academy and Saffron Walden County High School as well as and many others.

To introduce dance and movement skills
To develop self-esteem, confidence and social skills in young person
To explore teamwork and co-operation
To support healthy living and physical activity through dance
To increase knowledge, skills and independence
To inspire young people in dance and signpost to further opportunities
To have fun!

To listen / concentrate and respond to instructions
To gain confidence in their physical abilities and have fun trying new skills
To be involved and engaged in weekly classes
To engage socially and enjoy relating to each other in the space, making new friendships
To communicate and express their own creative output through dance and respond to music
To offer young people the opportunity to perform in front of an audience or on a professional stage

10 weeks = £1000.00
20 weeks = £1900.00
30 weeks = £2700.00

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