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Creative Dance for Early Years (CPD)

In 2021, as a development of our Early Years provision, we brought 2 x Commissioned Earl Years Dance Artists to work alongside local Co-Creative Artist's and a writer/facilitator to design a new programme and pedagogy for dance in the Early Years for Barking & Dagenham.

This new development phase of our ‘Early Years Programme’ aims to empower teaching staff in the Borough to take what has been delivered in their settings over the past 6 years in the ‘Active Start’ programme and redesign a new phase for early years creative dance. Overall offering our children and young people the most appropriate and reflective delivery of dance to build on their creativity and physical development and, therefore, achievements in school.

The Programme

Phase one of the programme consisted of a training day with our 2 x Commissioned Artists, Liz Clark and Cherie Coleman and assisted by our local Co-Creative Artists, Rachel Newby and Lucy Brown.

Phase two saw our Rachel Newby and Lucy Brown lead a further two training days that built on the work from day one and also implemented ideas, suggestions and requests from the group of teaching attending.

Phase three saw our Facilitator, Bobbie Gargrave, collating all of the information, ideas and content from the three training days into a cohesive document. We then turned this information into a pack of resource cards for the Early Years teachers to use and utilise in their settings.

We are keen to share this resource with teachers and settings outside of Barking & Dagenham. In order for the resource card to be put into context, it is essential that you attend a Early Years CPD training day with us.
These CPD training days are currently in development. If you are interested in attending one, please contact our Education Project Coordinator, Steph Townsend via


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