Dancing With Parkinson's

Exercise has shown to be very beneficial for people living with Parkinson's; to manage or potentially slow the progression of physical symptoms and to help other associated symptoms such as mental health.

Through the generous support of the Colchester Welfare Grant, dna are excited to deliver our Dancing with Parkinson’s classes based in Colchester, Essex supported until spring 2023.

Our Dancing with Parkinson's programme offers dance and movement sessions which are appropriate for those living with Parkinson's and anyone living with a neurological condition, heart or circulatory disease. We are proud that this programme not only delivers a high-quality dance experience for the participants but also allows their companions if they wish to experience it alongside them.

Classes usually last for 1 hour of dancing and 30 minutes of social time. Classes are mainly seated but we encourage those who would like to, to stand. A support artist is always in sessions to share the seated version as the lead practitioner develops standing material.

Classes begin with a led warm up into various seated and standing exercises that mobilise the body and joints, encourage use of voice and rhythm and support brain function through coordination tasks. Class material is matched with rhythmic music spanning across the decades. Creative choreography is often created in collaboration with the dancers, allowing a build on material each week. These exercises test recall of memory and muscles. For those that wish to take their dance and movement further performance opportunities are available.

All classes end on a cooldown so dancers are ready to refocus on their day ahead. We invite participants to stay at the end of the dancing session for a social lasting 30 minutes including a cuppa and a biscuit.

Days: Wednesdays
Times: 14:30 - 16:00
Classes can also be attended online via Zoom if you feel a little uneasy about attending in person.
Venue: Alternates each week between Colchester Castle, Colchester CO1 1TJ and the William Loveless Hall, Wivenhoe CO7 9AB.
Fee: £5.00 per person living with Parkinson's along with their companion

To book your 'in person' space or via Zoom space click the link below to take you to our bookings page.

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