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Meet David - RE:Generation Colchester

"This [RE:Generation class] is completely different to dancing, but it’s really entertaining. I mean, I used to dance all my life until I got old, but this has brought it all back to me; doing all these exercises and it’s been good. The people have made me laugh; it’s been a very enjoyable afternoon. It’s a shame it’s just once a week, I’d like it three times a week because if you have it one day a week you strain your muscles and then you have got a week and you have to start it all over again. Whereas if you had it three times a week, your muscles would be used to it, a bit like going to the gym.

I used to jive. I used to love jiving. Me and my sister, we used to go this pub, it was called The Preston, and soon as we walked in there, that was it, we didn’t even get a drink. On the dance floor, few dances first, then we would go get a drink and start all over again.

My mum tried to teach me how to do the Waltz, and it went 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, ouch!

I couldn’t do it, so she said to me, “look, just shuffle around the floor and people will think you’re waltzing”, so I did. She was only a little titch, and I used to pick her up and do the quickstep. I used to just run across the floor! My whole family was into dancing. My mum started it off because she used to have birthday parties; the carpet used to come up, and us kids would have socks on polishing the floor, ready for the dancing. And the kids weren’t allowed in the front room unless they were actually dancing."

What made you join RE:Generation classes?

"Dance. It says dance doesn’t it? And I was up for that. I can’t dance like I used to. Any sort of dancing will do me."

What do you like most about the classes?

"It’s very hard, because it’s all flipping good. The best element? Arms. Because I can express my feminine side; arms is the best.

I really had to think about that one, because it’s all good, you’re using your legs and your arms, and stand up when you’re able to. It was great to stand up today and do that; first time. All because my blood pressure is alright."

How do you find the social side?

"Social side is brilliant. We’re all friends here, you know. The only ones that aren’t friends don’t come, so it doesn’t matter [laughter]."

Since you have been coming, have you noticed a difference in your physical or mental wellbeing?

"My physical wellbeing was getting good, it was, I wasn’t creaking so much, I wasn’t aching so much. Of course, that stopped, and now I’m starting all over again to build it back up again. My legs are killing me! I’ve just got to get back into it again."

And mental wellbeing?

"Now? It’s brilliant, because I’m not scared to stand up and sit down, not scared to turn around, although I do it slowly. I’ve now got more comfortable going out then I did before… I’m enjoying my life!" Written by David Geary - RE:Generation Colchester participant 2022


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